Listen… For though these are shadows of life and light on grounds, pathway and walls, they breathe in stillness. Not ideally languid silence, not tranquill peace but impersonal shadows of darkness sometimes also hovering in the heaven. Shadows confront me, there is a tension in the shadows, tension of a aching song, there is also care and company both human and canine with a lasting impression of a joyless gypsy waiting to be heard.. if only we listen to the shadows.These shadows are in my journey where they have conversation where I am a photographer responding to them in way of photographing them. This makes me relate to Foucault’s discourse theory, where although he speaks about various ways of interpreting texts, we can use it as various ways of interpreting images-a relationship of power. 

“... And there are those, who have truth within them but tell us not in words… in the bosom of such as these the spirit dwells in rhythmic sentences”- Khalil Gibran